A NEWPORT network marketer allegedly involved in an illegal pyramid scheme has said he would never do anything to jeopardise a professional reputation he forged over 21 years, a trial at Cardiff Crown Court has heard

Gerwyn Duggan, 48, of Amelia Way, is charged with engaging in unfair commercial practice, two counts of acquiring criminal property and one count of transferring criminal property.

Yesterday, the jury heard how Duggan derived an income from the sale of “product packages”, as part of a scheme known as Synkronice, and an interlinked project called Spinglo.

They also heard how he sought legal advice over the Synkronice scheme as a means of “due diligence”.

Prosecutor Alexander Greenwood accused Duggan of suspecting the scheme was illegal, and said that was the reason why he sought the view of a legal expert.

Duggan denied this.

Defending Duggan, Mathew Roberts, asked him what he thought was the most important attribute a network marketer could have.

Duggan said: “A good reputation.”

Mr Roberts asked him: “Would you ever have done anything to jeopardise that reputation?”

“Never,” Duggan replied. “It is the most important thing to me.”

Asked shortly before he left the stand to return to the dock if he ever though participation in the scheme would land him in a criminal court, Duggan said ‘never’.

The court previously heard Duggan made £75,000 over two years from Synkronice.

The trial continues.