IT WAS a lucky escape for the majority of Gwent residents this weekend who managed to keep themselves and their homes safe despite the severe weather and record-breaking tides and while high winds continue, flood warnings have dried up.

Evacuated residents in Crindau, Newport, have been told to return home, but the sandbags are still in place as people remain cautious following last week’s flooding.

An employee at County Motor Services in Alderney Street, who asked not to be named, explained that in the 10 years he had been working there he had never seen the water behind the garage that high.

The tide peaked at 8.15am on Friday and the Malpas brook flooded ankle deep muddy water into the workshop.

He said: “Luckily the water didn’t reach the houses on the road, but our workshop was flooded with dirty water that completely filled the pit, which we have had to pay to be drained.

“We had warnings on Thursday night so we could move tools before the river burst its banks, but for now we are leaving the sandbags in place as we don’t know what this week will bring.”

The water also damaged a brake tester and a couple of ramps.

Residents on the road are remaining cautious with sandbags piled outside their garden gates and front doors just in case there is a repeat of last week’s events.

Elsewhere, the River Usk swelled in Caerleon, flooding fields and overflowing into Caerelon Road, closing it for much of Friday.

Simon Campbell of The Hanbury Arms, said: “The Hanbury itself was Ok. We were relatively safe. It wasn’t nice to see because it was very dangerous, but we were fine. People were ready for it and seemed prepared.”

Speaking yesterday afternoon, he said: “The river was up this morning, but all the roads seem to be open and running as normal now.”

Despite flooding in Tintern with huge over-spilling from the River Wye, most premises escaped damage thanks to sand bags.

Monmouthshire council has said that it is ‘business as usual’ today following the severe weather of the past week.

Services including schools, leisure and transport, should be running as normal today across Monmouthshire with slight changes to minor roads in the aftermath of the floods.

Across the county on Saturday some sports teams were lucky enough to see action on the pitch while some had to postpone games, some for the second time, due to waterlogged pitches.

Thanks to the dedication of grounds staff, Newport County's home game against Northampton Town was able to go ahead.

A yellow weather warning of wind remains in place today over much of Wales and Gwent. The Met office warned strong winds today will combine with large waves to bring the risk of coastal flooding.

Winds will gust to 60 mph or so on coasts, and locally to 70 mph, but waves will be larger than usually associated with this strength. The public should be aware of the dangers of waves crashing onshore and over topping shore lines and sea fronts.

While tides are past their peak of last week, they will still be high. As of Sunday, there were no warnings issued for Gwent for the rest of the week.

Gwent Police advise residents to keep clear of swollen rivers and the sea front.