A NEWPORT mosaic artist is preparing for a major regeneration project in Santiago, Chile, this month.

Based at her studio in Pill, ceramic mosaic sculptural artist Stephanie Roberts, 41, of Malpas, has been given the amazing opportunity to travel to Puente Alto, a suburb of the Chilean captial Santiago, Chile, to take part in the 2014 first International Mosaik Art Project.

Chosen as one of the 60 international artists invited to participate in this project, Miss Roberts is one of only eight UK artists involved.

The mum-of-two will work on the project from January 13 to 24 alongside 60 international mosaic artists to adorn the windows of Puente Alto’s Town Hall in , Santiago.

The theme of the project is ‘Magic Garden’ where Ms Roberts will create a 5ft squared mosaic of an industrial humming bird in her quest to use industrial materials to make something beautiful.

She said: “My mosaic art explores how people are influenced and inspired by local heritage, materials and environments, therefore encouraging harmony, understanding and tolerance.

“I am looking to create art and projects that represent mosaic art at the highest standard and bring quality education and awareness of this unique art form to new areas and audiences, highlighting culture and heritage and the intelligent nature of public art for communities.”

Ms Roberts will be working for six hours over nine days and is taking bring her own industrial materials such as copper, lead and steel to Chile, but will also receive ceramic tiles from the project organisers.

After graduating from UWIC at Howard Gardens, Cardiff, with a BA (Hons) in Ceramics in 1994, Ms Roberts began her mosaic art training while working for Pioneers, a community mosaic organisation, between 1995 and 1997 before she launched her solo career in 1999.

With funding from arts grants, the EU and local authorities, this has allowed her the creative freedom to work on a variety of projects including residencies, public art and regeneration projects throughout the UKSouth Wales and southern England.

These experiences have inspired her to formulate mosaic art projects for communities, schools and charities – providing art as a vehicle to address a spectrum of social issues, educational support and provide art as a form of therapy to individuals and community groups.

Ms Roberts’ professional membership into of the British Association for Modern Mosaic (BAMM) has won her the post of Regional Coordinator for Wales and her international exhibitions and bespoke mosaic art has lead her to being awarded a position in the Chilean project highly acclaimed 1st International Mosaik Art Project 2014 in Chile, funded by Wales Arts International (ACW) and sponsored by NCC.

Career highlights include the 2013 ‘National Treasure’ Gromit Unleashed in Bristol, which raised £28,000 for the Bristol Children’s Hospital, as well as the 2010 ‘Pwyll’, the first SuperDragon, funded by Newport Festival and the Ryder Cup.

“I felt honoured and privileged to be selected to take part in this International Mosaic art project,” she said.

“To work alongside 59 international mosaic artists to adorn the town hall in Puente Alto Santiago will be an incredible experience.

“The previous mosaic art regeneration project in Puente Alto has already created a legacy, now we will continue the positive attributes of urban art.

“It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to broadcast my mosaic art to an international audience and I am incredibly honoured to represent Wales and Newport.”

For more information visit www.stephanierobertsart.wordpress.com