A NEWPORT recycling company has announced it has saved six and a half tonnes of materials from landfill last year.

Events recycling company Maximum Recycling worked with 11 outdoor events, including three local food festivals, and through careful sorting achieved recycling rates of up to 72 per cent.

Chris Jones, of Newport Food Festival, said: ‘”As an event organiser, it’s great to have peace of mind knowing I don’t have to worry about waste management with the majority of our waste being recycled across the event.

“Maximum Recycling have been working for Newport Food Festival over the last three years, providing a great service, sorting out the tricky mix of packaging and food waste.” These rates are attained through a process of hand sorting materials at the events and using clearly labelled recycling bins for plastic, cans, glass and food waste.

Maximum also works with the businesses to identify the most environmentally friendly packaging that can be collected for recycling at the event, ensuring that even the smallest of items, such as teabags, can actually be recycled.

The company have been trading for five years and last year received a Recycle on the Go grant from Wrap Cymru.

For more information on Maximum Recycling visit their website, maximum

recycling.co.uk or call 07881 375386