RICHARD Parks has sent a message from the base camp in Antarctica thanking people for their support, after his record-breaking expedition to the South Pole.

Writing from a satellite phone, the Newport explorer said he wouldn’t be able to read all the messages of congratulations on social media until he was back in Chile.

The ex-Wales and Dragons star reached the pole at 5.24am BST on Saturday, recording the fastest ever solo, unsupported journey to the Pole by a Brit in history.

Mr Parks was flown off the Pole on Saturday back to Union Glacier Base Camp. Writing a blog post on Monday, he said: “I’m shattered physically and mentally but I still feel pretty good in spite of this.

“I’ve got a few ailments and injuries that the docs have looked at but on the whole I am in okay shape.”

The adventurer was met with champagne and a dinner with a Welsh flag next to it back at base camp.

He said: “For those that are interested, following cookies and crisps, my first meal after I finished was at the South Pole camp.

“Potatoes, cabbage and pork, it tasted awesome.”