PLAID leader Leanne Wood today called for a recruitment drive for doctors.

Ms Wood claimed the First Minister was left “exposed” by a Labour party campaign in England to urge higher levels of doctor recruitment.

But the minister said her proposals raised questions.

She spoke at First Minister’s questions on the party’s consultation on doctor recruitment, including proposals for incentives such as paying off student debts to boost doctor numbers by 1,000.

Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood AM said: “Plaid Cymru knows that doctor recruitment is the key to controlling locum costs.

“The Labour campaign in England against high locum costs exposes the First Minister’s handling of the Welsh NHS, as the costs remain unsustainably high here.”

However, during their exchange Carwyn Jones asked where the 1,000 doctors figure had come from and suggested it would all be paid for by a previously proposed Plaid tax on fizzy drinks.

“It’s a policy proposal, it’s something that could be debated, but there are several issues I would question about how effective it might be,” he said.