THE MINISTER for Natural Resources and Food, Alun Davies, has announced that millions of pounds worth of European agricultural funding will be shared between farmers in Wales and used to develop the industry.

Speaking in the National Assembly, the Minister set out his vision for farming in Wales and how direct payments to farmers will be allocated to Welsh farmers under 'pillar one' of the Common Agricultural Policy funding for 2014 -20.

The Minister said that changes to the pillar one payment system, and complementary actions through pillar two, (the Rural Development Programme), are designed to promote competitiveness, help farm businesses cope with unexpected setbacks and respond to new market opportunities, and strengthen Wales’ natural resources.

The new pillar one arrangements which will be introduced from 2015, include transition to a new basic payment scheme over a five year period, so that by 2019 payments are wholly based on the area of land farmed; and the adoption of the European Commission’s greening proposals.

Alun Davies said: “These decisions on Cap policy are of huge importance and will have a significant impact on how we develop the agriculture industry.”