A VIOLENT gang leader from London has been ordered to live in Newport, after the Home Office failed to kick him out of the UK, the Argus can reveal today.

Joland Giwa, General of Croydon’s largest criminal gang, Don’t Say Nothing, has been sent to live in York Place, Newport after being released from immigration detention.

Giwa – whose street name is Dexter- had been in immigration detention for more than four years after completing a 27-month prison term for two convicted robberies.

On October 22, 2013, High Court Judge John Keyser rejected a legal bid from Joland Giwa, 24, for freedom on the grounds he posed a "significant risk" of reoffending.

But Judge Keyser ruled it would be illegal to detain Giwa beyond the following three months amid a struggle to prove his true nationality.

Unable to deport him in the three months given, the Home Office were forced to release the gang member and bail was granted in December, on condition he live and sleep at the Newport address.

A Home Office spokesman said: "We vigorously opposed this individual's application for bail and we are very disappointed by the court's decision.

"He will be subject to rigorous monitoring, including an electronic tag, and we are continuing to fight for his removal from the UK."

In March 2011 Giwa was transferred to the high security Belmarsh prison, after intelligence suggested he was involved in an operation, said to be run by the DSN gang, smuggling drugs into the detention centre.

Key DSN gang members were jailed during 2008 and 2009 after a year-long operation by a Metropolitan Police gangs unit led by Sergeant Darin [CORR] Birmingham, who said: "Joland Giwa is a serious threat to the public and other young people.

“It is well known on the streets of Croydon that he has been charged with numerous offences but witnesses will not assist at court or pursuing allegations through fear.”

In a video posted on YouTube which was shown in court, made when Giwa was 15 or 16-years-old, the gang boss boasts: “I’m a bad boy. I’ve shanked a man in the ******* head. I’ve shanked a man in the neck.

“DSNG I am the ******* General.”

Giwa, who was jailed for a string of robberies, has no identity documents but says he is from Sierra Leone.

However, Sierra Leone refuses to recognise him as a national and maintains he is Nigerian, a claim which is refuted by Nigeria.

Giwa and his twin brother arrived in the UK on a flight from Nigeria in 1999, aged ten. They flew without a guardian and their parents are believed to be dead.

Giwa's' convictions include handling stolen goods, robbery, and theft.

According to the bail conditions, Giwa must report to the UK Border Agency in Cardiff twice every week.