AN APPLICATION has been submitted to demolish the former home of murdered Newport teenager Nikitta Grender, where she was found dead in 2011.

The application, submitted by Newport City Homes last week, proposes to demolish two flats, numbers 50 and 51, in Broadmead Park, Lliswerry.

Stating the reason for demolition, the application reads: “Number 51 Broadmead Park has been damaged by fire which resulted in a death. As an organisation we have chosen to demolish.”

The body of Nikitta Grender, who was eight months pregnant, was found at the flat in Broadmead Park, Lliswerry, by fire crews on February 5, 2011. She had been brutally murdered by her boyfriend’s cousin, Carl Whant.

On February 22, 2012, Carl Whant, of Newport, was convicted of murder, rape, child destruction and arson and jailed for a minimum of 35 years.

He had raped and stabbed 19-year-old Miss Grender at her home, also killing her unborn daughter and then set fire to the Newport flat before returning to a party where he had been with her boyfriend, Ryan Mayes.

Allan Morris, councillor for Lliswerry, said the decision to demolish and been a long and complicated one but he believed the right choice had been made.

He said: “I fully support the decision.

“I applaud Newport City Homes for the way they have gone about this. It’s been a difficult time but the decision respects the wishes of Nikitta’s family and hopefully now the area can move on.”

Miss Grender’s death sparked an outpouring of grief in the Lliswerry community and the rest of the city. Dozens of floral tributes and soft toys were laid along the fence outside, but the boarded-up flat is a constant reminder of what happened.

The demolition application goes on to suggest future plans for the site may be to erect a two storey house, however full plans are not confirmed at this stage.

The form states the expected time frame for the demolition to take place, to be between April and July this year.