A NEWPORT resident has accused the council of “not encouraging” people to recycle after they changed their collection policy.

Alan Purnell, 67, from Cardiff Road, is unhappy that a small canvas bag must now used to recycle, whereas much bigger orange-lidded bins were used previously.

He doesn’t believe it allows him to recycle everything he wishes to and has criticised the council for their lack of engagement with public concerns.

“The council don’t seem to have a plan in place,” said Mr Purnell.

“The bag they have provided is small, unsightly and doesn’t allow for adequate recycling.

“As well as this, they are unhygienic as I’ve left them outside for collection and have returned to find dogs walking past have urinated all over them.

“I was told I could recycle by taking it to designated places but that’s impossible for me and others with similar complaints to do that.

“The council don’t seem to listen to any feedback or thoughts from residents about their policy.”

New laws were introduced recently that prevent garden waste being collected with cardboard recycling.

But Mr Purnell believes that separate bins of the same size should have been provided to encourage people to recycle.

He added: “I’ve been recycling for years now but there doesn’t seem to be any support to help us from the council.

“It leads to people throwing items that could be recycled into general waste which shouldn’t be happening.

“The bags are a nuisance as well as unhygienic so something needs to be done.”

A Newport City Council spokesperson said: “A new system for cardboard recycling has been introduced because new legislation means that we will no longer be able to collect cardboard mixed with garden waste.

“Heavy duty bags for cardboard are now being introduced across the city while garden waste will still be collected in the orange-lidded bins.

Newport Council appreciates the support of residents in its drive to maximise recycling for the sake of the environment as well as to meet stringent targets.”

If anyone would like more information and advice about recycling then you can call 01633 656656.

People can also find more information and lists of recyclable materials online at www.newport.gov.uk/recycling