SEVEN Newport documentary film students showed their work at an exhibition at Newport market gallery on Friday.

The show, held in Newport Market’s basement from 3pm to 5pm, showed work by seven students at The University of South Wales Caerleon campus, based on the theme of ‘isolation.’

Mature student Tracy Cruz, 42, was excited for the show which featured her work based on the isolation created by social media.

“I wanted to see how close I could get to people without them knowing that I was there,” she said of how people walk around focused on their phones.

“People are so concentrated on their mobile phones and are so engrossed in the social media scene that they are isolated.”

The students, ranging from 19 to 42 years of age, focused on different elements of physical and physiological isolation through their work which will be graded by top photographer and lecturer Paul Reas.

The students worked together to create the exhibition as part of a team building event which will provide them with the experience of working together within the photography industry.

Students Mikey Brand, Charlotte Harrison, Becc Sykes, Clio Ryan, Luke Slocombe, and Catalin Munteanu, all worked on different aspects of isolation.

Luke Slocombe chose to photograph a farmer in Swansea whose location cased his isolation, whereas student Charlotte Harrison looked at the isolation of the elderly, focusing on a tea dance.

“We have been working on the project since September,” Tracy added.

“It’s quite nerve-wracking.”