A MAN who claimed he received £10 to put petrol in a stolen car was jailed for nine months yesterday.

Simon Dickey, 26, was caught at a Newport filling station with a £4,000 Renault Megane that had been taken in a nighttime burglary the previous day, a court heard.

The owner, Debra Scroggs, also had a laptop and a handbag stolen in the break-in, Newport Crown Court was told.

She was asleep inside her home in Chepstow at the time, the court was told.

Dickey already had 67 convictions for offences including burglaries and supplying drugs and was jailed for 112 days last year for handling stolen goods.

Crown prosecutor, John Warren, said that his latest offence must have been committed very soon after his last sentence.

Dickey, of Howe Circle, Newport, refused to name the person who asked him to fill the car with petrol, the court heard.

He indicated that the unnamed person made the request because they did not want to be recognised by police.

Dickey pleaded guilty to one count of handling stolen goods, namely a car.

Defence barrister, Tracey Lloyd-Nesling, stressed that the offence committed on October 24 last year had been “very brief”.

She added: “Clearly this was a serious dwelling house burglary.

“This defendant was not involved in the dwelling house burglary.

“He is the handler.”

Sentencing him to nine months in jail yesterday, Judge Rhys Rowlands said: “I accept that your involvement was very brief.

“I am told that your financial reward in doing so was minimal.

“Only custody can be justified.”

Dickey was also ordered to pay £65 costs and £50 compensation to Ms Scroggs, who had to have her car cleaned after it was recovered.