A NEWPORT teenager’s debut photography exhibition will be opening at the end of this month.

‘High Tide’ will open in Newport Central Library, John Frost Square on January 30 and features the work of 17-year-old Ieuan Berry from Maindee. The exhibition is based around images Mr Berry took during the high tides and flooding which struck Newport at the beginning of the year.

He said: “When it opens it will be almost a month since the floods. I was out morning, day and night photographing the reflections on the river and the mist in the morning.”

The Print Shop in Church Road, where the teen works part-time, helped with the printing ahead of the show. The teenager started photographing when he was 10 and is now studying for his AS levels at St Julian’s High School. He takes his Canon 600 D everywhere with him. “My camera is never less than a metre away from me,” he said.

Newport councillor for Rogerstone Chris Evans has helped Mr Berry to secure the exhibition.

Mr Berry, who is the official photographer for the Newport Events website, said: “I want to change the image of Newport. I love Newport.” My fascination is with the city and with derelict buildings.