TODAY your Argus launches an ambitious campaign to get a piece of vital life-saving equipment into every high school in Gwent.

Jack’s Appeal sees us team up with the parents of Jack Thomas, who died in 2012 aged just 15, and the charity Welsh Hearts.

Our collective aim is to get a heart defribrillator installed in every secondary school in Gwent.

A defibrillator is a machine that delivers an electric shock to the heart when someone is having a cardiac arrest.

Reaching our goal will not be easy.

Each machine costs around £1,000. We know we live in tight economic times - but we also know how generous our readers have proved to be time and again.

We are sure that will be the case again with this appeal.

Jack’s mum June says defribrillators should be everywhere.

We think every secondary school is a good start.

We are grateful to Jack’s family for agreeing to lend their beloved son’s name to this appeal.

And we are thankful to Welsh Hearts for agreeing to take donations.

Please help.

To donate, make cheques payable to Welsh Hearts and send them to: Temple Court, 13a Cathedral Road, Cardiff CF11 9HA.

Please write ‘Jack Thomas defibs appeal’ on the back of your envelope - that way we’ll know you want to donate directly to our appeal.