PREPARE to be shocked as The Circus of Horrors comes to town next month.

Newport’s Riverfront Theatre will host The Circus of Horrors – London After Midnight, on February 5.

The show has had appearances on various TV programmes including Britain’s Got Talent, The X Factor, The Slammer, and Daybreak.

The show, which started at the 1995 Glastonbury Festival, has toured all over the world including festival appearances with Alice Cooper, Eminem, Motley Crue, Oasis, Iron Maiden and The Manic Street Preachers.

Set in plague-ridden London and climaxing with the Great Fire of 1666, the latest incarnation ‘London after Midnight’ is inspired by the film of the same name. The story twists and turns with grisly murders and sensational shocks – all interwoven with bizarre circus acts.

Performers include sword swallowers, knife throwers, daredevil balancing acts, astounding aerialists, a dwarf strong man, a Guinness World Record holding ‘hairculian’ hair hanging beauty, sinister sisters, gyrating and fire limboing acrobats, and a dislocating contortionist.

The Circus of Horrors contains some nudity and adult language, and is not suitable for children. Visit or