Do you have a budding sculptor or potter in your midst? CARYS THOMAS takes a look at ways of unleashing their creativity at a business in Newport

BAREFOOT Ceramics, based on Charles Street, offers families a chance to become immersed in the use of clay - with pottery making and decorating workshops.

Fiona Jefferies, 38, owner of Barefoot Ceramics along with her husband Paul, said: "We are fully mobile, just last weekend I went to someone's house for a pottery session. We hold workshops in the studio but we can also come to you.

"It's nice for families to come in to the studio and get away from the world and have a few hours of escapism. We get families coming in, nowadays it’s not always mum and dad but grandmothers and aunties.”

The family run business offer pottery and glass painting sessions for all ages where children can design and decorate all different shapes of ceramics which include plates, platters, candle holders, figurines, animals and piggy banks.

Barefoot hosts children's parties at the studio where children can design and paint their own ceramics.

Mrs Jeffries said: "Children's parties have become quite popular. We usually do pottery painting with them.

“They get to choose which object they would like to paint whether a pot or a dragon. We get individuals coming to workshops and adults as well."

Barefoot will be celebrating their 10th anniversary in November of this year.

Mrs Jefferies said: "We love it so much, it’s a great place for the community to come and have a chat. You get to meet so many people.”

They offer a session called Mudslingers which is clay pot making workshops for children aged eight and over including adults.

Mrs Jefferies said: "Mudslingers is a private workshop where we teach basic pottery techniques. People can have a go at sewing on a pottery wheel, hand building pinch pots and slab work.

“Clay throwing parties are getting more popular with adults as well."

For a two hour studio session it costs £20. The clay days are held on the first Saturday of every month which offer 15 minute sessions on the pottery wheel.

The ceramics that Barefoot use are called bisque which means baked twice. The ceramics have been fired once in a kiln ready to paint on a design.

When the painting has been finished, they add a clear, protective glaze by firing the bisque for a second time.

Mrs Jefferies said: "You can come and make your pottery on the wheel one week and come back and decorate it the next."

Studio session fees are £3.50 for juniors up to 16-years-old and £4.50 for adults. A family of four costs £12.

Pottery starts at £3, collectibles £8, plates from £10, mugs from £8. Tickets for workshops should be purchased in advance and prices include a drink and snack. For more information visit