A CAMPAIGN to highlight financial predators, launched in the Senedd last week, has been backed by social housing landlord Tai Calon.

Community Housing Cymru (CHC) and the Wales Illegal Moneylending Unit (WIMLU) have teamed up for their ‘Don’t Get Bitten’ campaign to combat the problem of illegal money lenders. Members of Tai Calon staff have been trained to spot the warning signs that loan sharks are operating and on how to support victims in seeking help from the Wales Illegal Moneylending Unit.

A Tai Calon spokeswoman said: “Every year in Wales, thousands of people turn to illegal money lenders.” Andrew Myatt, director of communities and housing at Tai Calon, said “At Tai Calon, we have staff that can give tenants advice and support with budgeting their money so that they do not need to turn to loan sharks.” Anyone concerned about loan sharks can contact the Wales Illegal Moneylending Unit by ringing the 24 hour hotline – 0300 123 3311.