THE Now and Then photographs were of Dock Street, Newport, circa the 50s and 60s and also Dock Street today. Both pictures showing the bus stations and also the Market building.

This was the original Market main entrance. The Market was purchased in 1885 off the then owner, the Duke of Beaufort. The sum of £16,500 was paid by the Newport Corporation who had purchased adjoining land and houses for £8,500.

The Market Hall was rebuilt after tenders had been invited and John Linton, a Newport builder, built it at a cost of £13,000. This was a huge sum in those days but it was considered to be a necessary investment. It was opened on May 1, 1889. It was such a success that a sign “Stall to Let” was rarely seen.

Julie Jarvis, Newport

The Now and Then pictures show Newport market in Upper Dock Street. The Then photo shows the bus pull-in for Newport Corporation Transport buses. It opened in 1949 and closed in 1974. Prior to this buses ran from locations around Newport including High Street, Corn Street, Baneswell Road and Cambrian Road. The Now picture shows the market and shops in Upper Dock Street with the new bus terminus just showing.

Brian J J Jelf, Newport

The Now and Then picture shows the old Dock Street bus station. Trams used to run in the town until 1937 and they were replaced with buses. Mr Chivers, Newport The Now and Then picture is of Dock Street, the market is nearby and the picture shows the old bus station.


Harry Wheeler was in the street, but it’s now a hairdresser, also Capital Taxis and opposite was a wallpaper shop, now a small supermarket. There used to be a menswear shop, I think called Jacobs & Davies.

Mrs M Reardon, Newport

My first job when I left school in 1955, aged 16, was in Fussels (suitcases and leather goods) the fourth shop up from the market entrance – corner of Market Street, now a florist. Across the road the shop on the end of the block was also a Fussels (fishing tackle and guns) also in High Street was another Fussels which was the head office but also sold sports goods. The bus station for the valleys was further down Dock Street . I had to travel to Newport from Cwmbran six days a week and by the time I had paid my bus fares I had about 2s 6d left for myself. They were the good old days, ha ha!

Alan Peacock, Cwmbran