A SCHOOL has been reunited with an art deco shield that inspired pupils to excel in sport nearly a century ago.

Markings on the shield indicate it was a gift the South Wales Argus gave to Newport High School for Girls in 1922.

Newport historian, Cllr Charles Ferris, became the custodian of the artefact, featuring the figure of a goddess and depictions of young sportswomen enjoying hockey and athletics.

Our newspaper arranged for Mr Ferris to hand it back to Newport High School in Bettws Lane after contacting headmistress Karyn Keane.

He said: “It was coming out of the high school and was saved by the Newport historian David Woolven.

“Now it has been given back to the new school and it is doing what it used to, inspiring youngsters. It’s a lovely thing. The headmistress assured me it would be produced on sports days.”