A MAN taken in by his uncle when he had nowhere else to go has been jailed for a year after he betrayed his family’s kindness by stealing.

Tyrone Shellam, 21, of Stow Hill, Newport, was offered a place to stay for a month by his uncle Christopher Hale, his uncle’s wife and their four daughters on Sycamore Avenue in Somerton last year.

But after being asked to leave on September 9, he admitted going back to steal money which was stored in a tin 10 days later, Cardiff Crown Court heard.

Shellam pleaded guilty to a dwelling house burglary when he appeared before magistrates on January 7 and was sent to crown court to be sentenced.

Problems began when four days after leaving the house, Shellam returned and asked to use the bathroom and collect some clothes.

A week later, Mrs Hale realised that money was missing from a tin upstairs.

On September 21 the family went out at lunchtime, leaving the house secured but a bathroom window ajar, a fact which Judge Crowther QC said “no doubt this defendant would have observed during his time there”.

When the family returned home, Mrs Hale noticed the back door was unlocked. She checked the savings and realised more money was missing, this time £200.

Shellam was found out after a neighbour noticed two men acting suspiciously and took a picture of them.

The family recognised Shellam in the photo and he was arrested.

Joanna James, prosecuting, said he told police he had argued with his uncle and committed the burglary in anger.

Eleanor Twomlow, defending, said: “It’s something he fully accepts he should not have done. He is extremely remorseful.”

She added Shellam suffered from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Shellam also admitted burgling a garage on Spytty Lane, which the judge took into account when sentencing.

Judge Crowther said: “This is a gross breach of trust of the worst sort. It was a breach of kindness which had been visited on you.”

Shellam has 11 previous convictions for 17 offences.

He was also ordered to pay a £100 victim surcharge.