YESTERDAY’S inaugural Newport city summit was full of energy, ambition and inspiration.

After decades of false dawns, there finally seems to be an integrated, joined-up, partnership approach to regenerating the city.

It was good to see leading figures from the public and private sector singing from the same song sheet at the summit, which is likely to become an annual event.

But fine words and intentions will only go so far.

What the majority of people in Newport want to see is action.

Newport has never lacked ideas, innovation or will. It has lacked delivery.

And that has led directly to much of the cynicism from which the city suffers.

As we have said before, this is a pivotal year for Newport.

Construction work on Friars Walk will start within the next month, the Welsh Government has pledged financial support for some of Re:Newport’s proposals, and the NATO summit will put the city in the world spotlight.

Every opportunity that 2014 offers Newport has to be grabbed with both hands.

If that happens, the city’s current leaders will leave a legacy of prosperity for Newport’s future generations.

If it does not, then the city will have missed a chance that may not come around again for generations, if ever.