NEWPORT Bus has joined the Orange Wallet Scheme to help those with communication difficulties, including autism, cope with public transport.

The scheme, is funded by the Welsh Government as part of the All Wales ASD strategy, and is intended to help people on the autistic spectrum, deaf people and those whose first language is not English.

The bright orange wallet is easily recognised and contains space for users to insert written and/or visual cards to provide a simple communication tool.

Scott Pearson, managing director at Newport Transport, said: “At Newport Bus We always aim to help as many people as we can. to use our services and .We are aware that using public transport and interacting with strangers is not always straightforward for everyone. I believe This is a fantastic solution for our customers using the wallets and for our drivers.”

Richard Wivell, Newport Bus supervisor, said: “For drivers this is a great help. Seeing the orange wallet will immediately remind us to pay attention and be patient. All drivers have received a staff guide and it is very easy to use for all involved.”

Newport Bus provides pre-printed inserts with the wallet which can be used on all forms of public transport.

Diverse Cymru, an equality-led organisation, which provides information and support for a wide range of people, including disabled people, has been involved in the creation of the productOrange Wallet Scheme.

Paul Warren, director of policy and planning at Diverse Cymru, said: “We work with a large number of people, many of who have great difficulties with communication, particularly on public transport. It is our hope that other transport companies across Wales follow Newport Bus in showing the way forward for a fully accessible environment for disabled people.”

The wallets are available from free of charge at the Newport Bus travel centre in Newport Market, the depot in Corporation Road or at the Information Station in Queensway.