OLIVIA Banton is just six years old but is already playing a key role in helping to spread a very serious health message.

For the youngster is starring in an endearing video which is appealing to all of us not to misuse our Accident and Emergency departments.

In more ways than one this is a great idea from Aneurin Bevan Health Board.

The video is very short, simple and direct, easy to understand and clear.

It is also able to be shared far and wide via social media reaching a potentially vast audience.

So it ticks the right boxes in the test for an effective communication tool.

But also. young Olivia is far more engaging to watch than a boring man in a suit would be.

The video, filmed at the Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport, appeals to all of to use common sense when deciding whether or not to visit hectic A&E departments.

And it is a message which more of us have to heed.

A&E departments are key bottlenecks in our NHS and very often this is because there are people there who have no need of urgent treatment.

Of course we would not recommend that people don't attend A&E in the most serious cases.

But there are unfortunately lots of examples of people going because for some reason they think it is easier than going to their own GP and that should not be the case.