THE assembly minister for natural resources and food wants views on proposals for marine planning in Wales.

The Welsh Government is currently working to develop ‘a robust marine planning system for Wales that will ensure Welsh seas are managed in a more joined-up way’. Alun Davies AM has said he is committed to having Wales’ first national marine planning process in place by 2015.

The latest development is the publication of the Welsh Government’s draft Statement of Participation, which sets out how and when the Welsh Government will engage with the public and partner organisations throughout the process.

Mr Davies said: “The seas around Wales provide significant opportunities for economic growth which can result in competing demands for space and pressure on natural resources. Wales needs a system of marine planning that says that it is open for business but in a way that ensures the long-term benefit of Wales.

“Marine planning is a new concept and the involvement of interested parties is crucial to its success. I would therefore urge those with an interest to get involved in and help us to develop plans that will deliver the best long-term results.”

The consultation on the Statement of Public Participation for the Welsh National Marine Plan will run from February 3 to March 28. For the consultation visit