Q: When is it best to start trimming privet and conifer hedges in the year?

AJ via Facebook

A: To maintain privet and conifer hedges prune in July after the current season's growth. If you need to reduce the size of a conifer hedge prune in spring and again in July. Conifers don't like hard pruning so reduce in size gradually.

Q: I’d like to create a wildflower area in the garden, could you could recommend some wild flower mixes for me to try?

EW, Cwmbran

A: You could plant common snowdrops and wild daffodils for some early colour. Sweet violets will give a carpet of colour in the spring. Wild poppies can be sown directly onto the ground and they can flower within six weeks.

Q: I have a bonsai that had lost all of its leaves, after re-potting some new leaves are coming from the trunk. Should I cut off all the other branches or will leaves grow back on them in time?

NG, via Facebook

A: Some bonsai plants are deciduous and will lose all their leaves every winter. Scrape your finger nail on a bare branch. If it is green underneath leaves should grow back, if not give it a prune.

Q: I have a large stone wall in the garden which tends to get very warm in summer. I want to grow trailing tomatoes from a planter on it, but which varieties should I try?

LJ, Pontypool

A: A cherry tomato called tumbler is an old favourite ideal for this spot. A new variety called cherry falls is more vigorous. For a yellow variety try pear drops.

Tips for the week:

Choose and chit seed potatoes.

Plant garlic and shallots outside now

Sow broad beans and brussel sprouts under protection for planting out in March.

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