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Flood and bad weather updates for Gwent

Last updated:

    WE'LL bring updates on flooding and bad weather across Gwent today.


KarloMarko 3:52pm Wed 12 Feb 14
Amazing winds in Caerleon this afternoon...almost blew away the bus shelter and the copy of the Socialist Worker I was reading.....and my bottle of Moet. Well, it IS Caerleon. Seriously, could be dangerous for older people. And Marxist Moet drinkers. UKIP, who cares.
Score: -11
broadjustice 4:17am Thu 13 Feb 14
"Ok it's hurricane force winds, torrential rain, overflowing rivers, sewers overflowing... Let's go kayaking or canoeing!" Sometimes you just hope natural selection happens. How stupid are they? After someone also lost their life in a river doing the same, just because they have an active rowing club doesn't mean they can tackle mother nature.
Score: -2
Dolieboy 7:21pm Wed 12 Feb 14
First pic looked bad, house blown onto it's side.
Score: -2

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