NEWPORT County's dream return to the Football League is fast turning into a nightmare.

At every level - management, players and fans - the club is at a low ebb after losing six home matches to the weather in a little over a month.

No other league club has had as many matches postponed, and the impact is substantial.

County are now more than £200,000 down on cashflow because of the postponements. As anyone who has ever run a small business knows, cashflow is the lifeblood of such organisations.

Without income, businesses find it increasingly difficult to pay the bills and, more importantly, to pay their staff.

County are fortunate to have a millionaire Lottery winner as their chairman, but there is only so far one man's largesse can stretch.

Drainage work in the summer was not completed, leaving half the pitch regularly waterlogged during more than a month of record rainfall.

The club moved heaven and earth to get last night's game against AFC Wimbledon on, all to no avail.

Supporters volunteered to help get the Rodney Parade pitch ready yesterday, specialist rain covers were fitted and club staff including chief executive Dave Boddy worked until 3am before being back in the office by 7.30am.

A meeting tomorrow will decide the club's next steps.

There is still much to play for on and off the pitch this season.

In-fighting can wait until the end of the season. For now, everyone needs to keep calm, pull together and keep the dream alive.