YEAR 6 pupils at Abertillery Primary School hopped on their bikes to raise cash for a hospital which helped one of their teachers recover after an illness.

The 40 Year 6 pupils were split into groups of six and each group pedalled for an hour during the day in the school hall, as part of a 24-hour spin-a-thin on the school’s own spinning machines.

Eight members of staff took it in shifts to pedal through the night and are due to finish at 9am today, as part of Year 3 teacher Mike Parsons’ mission to raise £1,000 for Rookwood Hospital in Cardiff, which helped colleague and Year 4 teacher Tom Groombridge after an illness.

Mr Parsons, who is also the PE coordinator at the school said he has told the children he’d like to raise £1,000, including donations collected by staff, pupils and parents.