TEEN author Beth Reeks is making headlines again,and for all the right reasons.

This time the Newport writer has been shortlisted in two categories of a national award scheme for her teen romance The Kissing Booth. And we are certain that Beth will take this latest recognition of her talent all in her stride.

For the 18-year-old must be becoming quite accustomed to receiving praise and accolades. And they are well deserved.

All too often the popular view of our teenagers today is that they are irresponsible, lacking in drive and, or ambition. We know that this is far from the truth in the vast majority of cases.

And in Beth, teenagers have a fantastic ambassador.

The former Bassaleg schoolgirl has previously been ranked number 13 on a list of the world’s most influential teenagers by Time magazine in the United States. This was following the huge the success of her first novel which she published on the internet and which was then so popular that she was signed up by major publisher Random House on a three-book deal.

The novel may yet be turned into a film.

Meanwhile, proving just how grounded she is, Beth is now studying physics at Exeter University, while carrying on writing her next novel. She is an absolutely fantastic role model for young people and we are delighted to be able to follow her very successful career.