Q: Any tips on how I can sort out my lawns? Both front and back have a serious weed and moss problem. It was so bad last year when I moved in that I dug up my back garden lawn and grew new grass but the weeds are worse than ever and moss is returning.

I dug the weed roots as far as I could but they were buried very deep (I dug to approximately 3 feet and they were too strong to pull out.). I've tried the 3 in 1 weed feed and seed pellets but after 3 applications my front lawn turned black... Help!!! MM via Facebook

A: First of all the black in your lawn is the moss you killed,rake it out. If you use lawn weed and moss killers follow instructions carefully (its tempting to over do it but overdoses will kill the grass).Bare in mind moss likes shady and or damp spots, it always regrows in these places. When you sow a new lawn weed seeds will germinate but regular cutting should eliminate them. If you think the new lawn is worth saving over sow the lawn with more grass seed in the spring. Roll or tread the ground to thicken the grass.cut regularly.

If you want to start again laying turf is quick and instant but make sure those deep rooted weeds are killed first.

Q: When it's time to do the gardening and plant plants I gets lots of trouble with slugs eating my poor plants before they have a chance to grow. With animals I have to watch what I put down. Have you got any good tips on how to keep slugs at bay, any magic plants i could plant maybe to deter them? KJ via Facebook

A: When you get your plants go to somewhere with knowledgeable staff. They can show you the plants slugs don't like and the ones to avoid. They will be able to advise on safe ways to keep slugs away.

Q: When is it a good time to plant grass seeds as my garden is just mud at the minute? SD via Facebook

A: When the cold winter is over, hopefully March.

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