A NEWPORT woman that starred in tonight’s episode of dating show “Take Me Out” was left without a date at the final hurdle.

Jess Whatmore, 26, from Langstone, fought off competition from other girls to make it to the final two during her first ever appearance on the ITV show.

But after her impromptu pirate impression, Miss Whatmore’s light was turned off and she wasn’t taken to the “Isle of Fernandos.”

She is now left wondering if she can bag herself a date on the final episode of the series next week.

“To get to the final two on my first show was surprising,” she said. “But it was really good fun and not at all scripted.

“I thought everything might be set up but it isn’t and I suddenly found myself having to answer a question at the end about accents which was terrible.

“It would’ve been nice to go on a holiday and a date with a man that’s good company but at least I get to be on the show again next week.

“It’s strange as you find yourself cheering on other girls and end up happy that they’ve got the opportunity to go on a date.”