WITH more bad weather forecast for today, there seems to be no end to the stormy conditions that have affected large parts of the UK since the turn of the year.

Many people around the country have lost their homes and livelihoods to the seemingly never-ending floods.

The scenes being played out on our television screens on a daily basis put much that we all moan and groan about into perspective.

Gwent has been fortunate to escape the worst excesses of Mother Nature, though there has been some flooding and some travel disruption.

It is difficult to know how people in places like the Somerset Levels, Worcester and some towns and villages near the Thames are coping as they continue to be battered by rain and storms.

The Met Office referred to yesterday's weather as a 'multi-pronged attack' and it does feel as though the country is under attack.

The Government only seemed to recognise the seriousness of the situation in the last few days, even though some places have been under water for more than a month.

Some have suggested the relief effort only really snapped into top gear when the south east of England became affected. Whether that is the case is debatable, but there is no doubt many people in flood-hit areas believe the Government has done too little too late to help them and there are many lessons for ministers to learn from the current crisis.