UNEXPECTED deaths are always a tragedy, particularly when they involve young people.

Accidents tear people from their loved ones in such a brutal way as to leave those behind struggling to comprehend what has happened, let alone why it has happened.

The loss of Sophie Williams and her unborn daughter Kayleigh just a fortnight before the 20-year-old was due to give birth must be almost impossible for their family and friends to bear, so comprehensive is the tragedy that has befallen them.

Sophie, from Tredegar, and Kayleigh died at Nevill Hall Hospital in Abergavenny following a car accident on the Heads of the Valleys Road on Friday night.

The mum-to-be and her fiance Ben Morgan were returning from a night out when their car was in collision with another vehicle between Brynmawr and Garnlydan.

We cannot imagine what those who loved Sophie - and who would have loved Kayleigh - have been going through since Friday night's tragedy.

There are no words that can bring comfort at times like these.

All any of us can do is keep Sophie and Kayleigh's family and friends in our thoughts and prayers.

They will find the strength to carry on and one day, perhaps months or years from now, they will find a way to rediscover hope.