WITH the news that Hollywood blockbusters will soon be made on the Gwent Levels, we came up with the top 23 films never made in Gwent.

Can you come up with any more?

South Wales Argus:

  1. Quantum of Sofrydd
  2. Llandegfedd Reservoir Dogs
  3. Little Mill-ion Dollar Baby
  4. Fairwater my Lovely
  5. Dial M for Markham
  6. Clockwork Blorenge
  7. Escape from Newport
  8. Blaina Witch Project
  9. The Taking of Pengam 123
  10. The Third Manmoel
  11. From Rassau with Love
  12. Sleepless in Sebastopol
  13. We need to talk about Cefn Fforest
  14. Newbridge over the River Kwai
  15. Kill Pill
  16. All About Eveswell
  17. The Hand that rocks the Crindau
  18. For Whom the Six Bells Tolls
  19. Rogerstone Rabbit
  20. Cwm-ing to America
  21. Undy Milk Wood
  22. The Creature from the Blackwood Lagoon
  23. N*A*S*H


South Wales Argus: The top 23 films never made in Gwent