CHILDREN enlisted in the Roman Army at Caerleon yesterday (Tues)for a day of adventure.

The National Roman Legion Museum is currently signing up soldiers for the Roman Army across half-term. The children practised their sword fighting skills with wooden swords on practice bags and got to meet a Roman soldier in full armour who lead the march around the site.

There were stations where the children could age maps to follow the clues in a trail around the museum and an opportunity to dress up with metal amour, tabards and helmets.

Victoria Lepoidevin, events officer for the museum, said: "This has been quite a busy half term for us. Eighty people turned up today and yesterday, they are making the most of the sunshine.

"The sword fighting is the most popular with the children, sword fighting and marching seems to have come out on top."

She added: "I think the children are enjoying themselves. It's nice to see children in here for a few hours and their parents having to tell them it's time to go."

The children also enjoyed an obstacle course with tunnels and the chance to throw a javelin at a Celt. The event is on everyday from 11am to 4pm until Friday and costs £2 per child.