TREDEGAR HOUSE, the Transporter Bridge, Newport Cathedral and the city's railway station are all suggestions for the Newport Monopoly board.

The board game will be released to coincide with Newport's hosting of the NATO summit at Celtic Manor in September.

The public is being invited to make their suggestions for the game, which will feature 22 property landmarks from the city.

Public voting lines, including on Facebook, will be opened soon so people can choose which landmarks they want on the game. So we asked people in the city for their views.

Jon Powell of The Kiosk, Newport said: “My newsagents would obviously have to be up there on ‘Park Lane’ along with the Newport Market, which I am now a part of, and the Turners Butchers and The Lamb of course.

“The Celtic Manor and the Civic Centre would also have to feature as ‘purples’ in the game.

“I believe that the game is a really positive thing for the city-a really cool idea.”

Labour MP for Newport West Paul Flynn is also delighted at the idea, he said; “I am delighted.

“I would like to see the development sites and the buildings represented on a Monopoly board.

“The Transporter Bridge would be a definite site as it would make anyone’s pulse throb faster- as well as Tredegar House with their splendid gardens, and the Celtic Manor.

“We also have very precious Roman remains in Caerleon.

“I look forward to acquiring the ownership of the Transporter Bridge and Tredegar House as a Monopoly player.”

Newport conservative councillor for Allt-yr-yn ward Matthew Evans, the opposition leader, said: “I think some of the suggestions for the game on Twitter and Pill Mill is one of them.

“It is going to put Newport on the map for positive reasons.

“I hope that Allt-yr-yn and Ridgeway are represented and I particularly like the idea that you go to jail if you visit Cardiff.

“It is a nice friendly knock at our neighbours.

“I think it will be great for our city and I am sure that it will go down a storm.”

Rogerstone Labour Councillor Chris Evans said: “Rogerstone, would have to feature heavily in the game as we’ve got so much to offer.

“TyDu Community Hall, 14 Locks- those have got to be worth players investing in.

“In Newport, there’s so much, The Castle, Le Pub (definitely worth moving ‘top hat’ too) Westgate… and, Kings Hotel… which I hear, in real life, there’s a bit of a bidding war for at the moment, so, the ‘game’ might be becoming a reality!”

Jennifer Sheppard, 70, of Bettws said: “I would like to see Tredegar House and Tredegar Park included in the game.

“I think the Newport Cathedral should also be included.”

Rhian Hurley, 31, a surveyor, of Malpas said: “I think the Newport Cathedral should be included and obviously the Celtic Manor is another good one.

“The railway station is also quite nice.”

Jane Bartlett, 48, works at Specsavers. She said: “I would like to see the Celtic Manor, the railway station and the bus station included as that has been developed and has moved to the centre of the town.”

Stacey Freeman, 33, a support worker at The Priory thought community institutions should be included.

“I think homeless shelters and support centres like The Priory and Mind should be included in the game.

“The Riverfront should also be included.”

Margaret Edwards, 70, is retired, said: “I think the Transporter Bridge should include along with the Newport Cathedral and Tredegar House.”

Matthew Humphreys, 19, a computer science student, said: “I think Newport Cathedral and Tredegar House should be included in the game.”

Charlie Morgan, 21, of Ringland said: “I think the Transporter Bridge should be in the game along with ChristChurch.”

Jason Cooper, 43, a student thought that there were many place in the city that should be included in the game.

“I think Tredegar House and park; the Transporter Bridge; and all of the parks should be included,” he said.

Beryl Hurley, 78, retired, of Duffryn agreed.

“I think Tredegar House, and the market should be included,” she said.