Celebrate St David’s day this weekend by getting the kids in the spirit of it with fantastic dragon face painting. SOPHIE BROWNSON meets VICKI ROWE to see how it’s done.

Getting the kids to appreciate the history of St David’s Day may be tough, but you should have no problems getting them to sit still to paint their face like a dragon this weekend.

While they're sat still why not explain them the importance of the day in Welsh history?

Makeup artist and Crosskeys college student Vicki Rowe, 22, of Newport of Makeup Art by Vowen, created a Welsh Dragon design for the Argus readers to try out at home as both a fun activity and a chance to get into the festivities of the day.

Ms Rowe got into makeup artistry while completing her degree in English Literature and Creative Writing at Swansea University.

After completing her degree but remaining unsure what career option to take, she took her friends advice an applied to study level three theatrical makeup at Crosskeys College.

“It was suggested to me by my friends in university,” she said,

“I would always do their make up for fancy dress nights and when I came back from uni and I realised I couldn’t do anything I wanted with my degree I decided to pursue this.”

Ms Rowe developed an interest in face painting from a young age after taking part in a taster day session at her Brownies group led by Paula Stead who is now her course tutor.

"I am on a two year course and this is my final year,” she continued.

“I would like to go on to do the makeup within the fashion and beauty industry but it is always drilled into us that we can’t be fussy about the work we get offered.

Such work includes child beauty pageants, bridal and prom work.

Dragon Face Painting

You will need:

Face paints in red, black, white, and green.

Fine brush and a think ‘foundation like’ brush


Step 1

Starting with the red paint dip the thick brush into the water and swirl over the paint to moisten

With the bush paint the edges of the dragon face’ a few centimetres away from the hairline, gently pressing the brush down on the skin to create a solid line.

Step 2

With the same brush cover the whole face in the red paint within the lines, including the mouth, but leaving out the eyes.

Step 3

Using a finer brush for the details, wet the ends and swirl it in the black paint.

Starting on the sides of the nostrils paint a comma like shape along the crease and down the sides of the nose, to create a snout.

Step 4

For the sides of the snout, use a thicker, dry brush get a little bit of the black paint and draw a line down from the eyebrows to where the nostrils start.

Then using the dry brush blend it in.

Step 5

Using the wet brush draw horizontal lines across the nose and blend using the dry brush to create the whole of the snout.

Step 6

For the mouth use a fine wet brush draw a line underneath the lower lip up to the cheeks to create a ‘joker like’ smile.

Step 7

Next using the fine brush dip it in the water and white paint and draw small white horns on either side of the forehead.

Step 8

For the eyes colour the lids with yellow paint in an almond shape.

Then with black paint and a fine brush outline the whole of the eye and colour the eyebrows in black.

Step 9

While this is drying outline the edges of the horns in the black paint and repaint any red patches n the face which may have faded or smudged and paint a black edge around the edge of the red paint.

Step 10

For the scales make a wave shape along the forehead, cheeks and chin and interlock the waves so they appeal scale-like, using a fine brush in the black paint.

Step 11

For definition of the scales mix black and red paint and dab along the edges of the scales before blending with the larger brush. Once dry go over the edges of the scales with some white paint.

Step 12

Still using the white paint, draw teeth in a fang shape on other side of the mouth line.

Step 13

Using green paint or colour of your choice, draw a line down the centre of the eyelid for the iris with the fine wet brush, using horizontal brush strokes.

Then using black paint draw cat eye pupils down the middle of the green. (Note: the eyes must remain shut throughout the drying process)

Step 14

While drying blend the tip of the teeth with the dry brush and wipe away any smudges with a makeup wipe or kitchen roll.

Step 15

Then to complete the dragon add a fleck of white to the eyes to highlight the pupils.

For more information contact Vicki Rowe on 07840824428