TODAY is St David's Day the patron saint of Wales - so what better day to look at Welsh-themed gifts?

According to legend, St David died in the year 589. His mother was called Non, and his father, Sant, was the son of Ceredig, King of Ceredigion.

After education he went on pilgrimage through south Wales and the west of England, where it is believed he founded religious centres including Glastonbury (The Abbey, not the festival). He even went on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, where he was made archbishop.

From the 12th century onwards Dewi, as he was known, became famous throughout South Wales and as far away as the tropical shores of Ireland and Brittany. St David's Cathedral became a popular centre of pilgrimage, particularly after Dewi was officially recognised as a Catholic saint in 1120.

It is generally belived that he died on March 1, hence the celebration known as St David’s day.

So all in all, theres plenty to celebrate. History lesson over, it’s time to flaunt your patriotism to the max. Shout it from the rooftops, gorge yourself on welsh cakes and bathe yourself in daffodils and leeks.

To help you on your quest to be the most Welsh person who ever existed, we have found some of the best Welshy gifts and garments so you can wear your patriotism on your sleeve.

The website, which is actually based in the gift shop Cariad, on Cross Street in Abergavenny, has every Welsh themed gift and item of clothing imaginable.

From glittery Welsh flag Stetsons (as featured on our lovely model, Paige) to the more tasteful traditional wooden and pewter love spoons, the website and shop will fulfil all of your Cymraeg-themed fantasies.

Managers Lisa Adkins and Julie Jones say that this time of the year is like a second Christmas, with the amount of customers looking for the perfect red and green outfit or gift doubles.

Ms Adkins said: “I think Welsh people are very patriotic. We also get a lot of people coming in throughout the year who are looking to buy the perfect gift for a Welsh friend or family member who is abroad and missing home. That’s a big part of it.”

MsJones added: “We get a lot of tourists visiting the town who pop in, and they like to pick up souvenirs for friends and family, to take back with them.”

The pair say their biggest sellers are the traditional children’s outfits, featuring Welsh tartan, bonnets and flat caps, lovespoons and cuddly toys in the form of sheep or dragons.

Elsewhere, big supermarkets including Asda and Tesco have caught up and regularly roll out Welsh-flag festooned clothing and gifts at this time of the year.

Here’s our pick of the best:

1 Ready tied bow tie, £8.49 from Cariad/

2 Keep calm and cwtch iPhone case £7.10 from Cariad/

3 Taffy apple cider, £1.95 from Cariad/

4 Sequin cowboy hat, £3.60 from Cariad/

5 Boys’ traditional Welsh fancy dress costume, from £10 at Asda

6 Girls’ traditional Welsh fancy dress costume from £10 at Asda

7 Wales onesie, £15 from Asda

8 Wales boxer shorts, £3 from Asda

9 Welsh Rugby Union two pack of bodysuits £12 from Tesco

10 Traditional Celtic lovespoon, £39.50 from

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant Hapus!