VOTING is now open for Newportonians to decide which of the city’s celebrates spots will make the Newport edition of Monopoly.

Exactly six months until Newport is catapulted onto the word map ahead of the Nato Summit, the Newport edition of the classic game was officially announced at Tredegar House yesterday. The board game, which will be released in October to coincide with Newport’s hosting of the Nato summit at The Celtic Manor in September, will provide Newportonians with the chance to play the best-selling game set in their home city.

Dan Taylor, head of Custom Games at regional Monopoly makers, Winning Moves UK, said he was delighted to announce that Newport is “passing go” and hopes the public will vote for their favourite landmarks to be included in the 22 featured on the board.

“We want the board to reflect the everyday life of Newportonians,” he said.

“Everyone has grown up with Monopoly, but with this edition Newportonians will be able to say that they have been to ‘that business’ or that they are a fan of ‘that sports team’ as they play.

“The public will be invited to vote the landmarks on to the board and we will also be doing our best to get votes from the White House and Downing Street too, as well as from other countries whose leaders are visiting Newport in September.”

The game will be on shelves in major retailers including Waterstones, Tesco and WH Smiths, along with Newport’s independent stores in time for Christmas.

The announcement was made with Newport’s mayor, Councillor Cliff Suller, and mayoress, Christine Suller, and Joanna Cartwright, general manager of Tredegar House, all being present.

Graham Barnes, PR for the game, said: “We have heavy interest from all over the world with this game including Newport ex-pats.

“We are very excited about it and have had lots of suggestions including The Celtic Manor or the Transporter Bridge to be on ‘Mayfair.’

“Six months of putting it together, three weeks of planning and 22 of Newport’s finest crown jewels will replace the celebrated London sites.”

The Argus’ poll showed that the Transporter Bridge and Tredegar House were among the favourite locations for the game, with the possibility of the Argus to have a celebrated square on the board.

Many of the Community Chest and Chance cards will also be customised, with plans for one to say: “You are fined for visiting Cardiff.”

Newport mayor Cliff Suller has urged the public to vote for the landmarks they would like to see on the board with the mayoress Christine Suller hoping to see the Newport Wetlands included.

“It will be a marvellous thing for the city,” he said.

“Some of the things we have here are tremendous.

“We have the Transporter Bridge and we have this wonderful place – Tredegar House – as well as the history of Caerleon.”

Joanna Cartwright, general manager of Tredegar House and park, added: “It’s a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the wonderful places in Newport.

“We are thrilled to be hosting the official announcement at Tredegar House and we hope that Tredegar House will make the Mayfair spot.”

Voting for Monopoly Newport’s landmarks is now open and will end on March 25. To submit your nominations and suggestions, email or at or via post to NEWPORT MONOPOLY, Winning Moves UK, 7 Praed Street, London W2 1NJ.