THERE is something stirring in Newport.

Whisper it quietly, but there has been an outbreak of positivity in the city ... and it seems to be infectious.

The campaign group Newport Rises was only set up at the turn of the year but it's 'can do' attitude and belief that the city has a bright future is proving extremely popular.

So much so, that more than 10,000 votes were received when the group asked people to decide on its logo.

That is some vote of confidence in such a new organisation. And it certainly suggests to us that people are keen to support and be involved with a group that is fresh and unburdened by the political punch-ups that so demean public life at local level in this country.

Newport Rises has one aim - to help the city rise to its full potential. It promotes community events on its social media pages and highlights all that is good - and there is no shortage of subjects - about Newport.

It is non-political and wants to - in the words of one its founding members - 'amplify the positives of the city, its communities and people'.

It is a refreshing view and one which we are happy to promote.

Two years ago in this column we said the best way for Newport to succeed was for people to be unremittingly positive about its future.

It is heartening to see a growing group of the people putting those words into practice.