A NEWPORT community centre has been boosted by a building society’s donation of laptop computers.

The Forest Family Centre in Duffryn was given three laptops by the Newport Principality building society to help children with homework and jobseekers looking for work online.

The centre opened in 2007 but last March lost its funding. In November, the Duffryn Community Link took it over.

Gemma Davies, the centre’s manager, said: “We are extremely grateful to Principality for giving us these laptops. They will be of great benefit to our children, parents and the wider community that rely on these laptops to help them find work and build upon their skills.”

And Principality’s Newport branch manager Laura Palmer said: “We are proud to support the communities in which we operate and our members live and we are delighted to have the opportunity to give something back to them.

“The Forest Family Centre offers a vital service to the community by providing childcare, education and volunteering opportunities to help local residents improve their livelihoods. So we are pleased that we have been able to help them by giving them these laptops.”