NEWPORT nursery children were among thousands who took part in a very doughy world record attempt this week.

The children at Fairoak Nursery School were part of an effort to be the largest number of people taking part in a dough disco at one time.

Dough disco is exercise for the fingers to improve fine muscle control,. It is often used before long writing tasks as a warm-up in the foundation stage.

Heather Morgan, head teacher at Fairoak Nursery School, said: “When children are small they find it difficult to hold pens and pencils for writing and drawing. So this exercises and strengthens the small muscles in the hands.”

Some 200 schools from the UK and beyond took part in the record attempt at 10am on Monday morning, involving 5,000 children.

Mrs Morgan said: “It went really well. You can see the enjoyment in their faces.”

Dressed in their St David’s Day costumes, the pupils were told to “squeeze the dough” and “dive your fingers”. The disco lasted five minutes and included 79 of the nursery’s pupils. The children followed a video directing them which moves to do next.

“We had to prove we had done it by having an outside adjudicator in, as well as filming it,” said Mrs Morgan.

The pupils will have to wait two weeks a couple of weeks to see iffind out whether they succeeded in their record attempt.