Since 1987 I thought it was my biggest mistake. In my first year as an MP I advised a sixth former at Bassaleg to take up politics and join a party. He did. The results were gruesome.

He grew up to be David Davies - the MP for Monmouth. It’s been hell to hear this shameless global warming denier call for feckless fathers to be forced into chain gangs. How could I get it so wrong?

Now a gleam of light. David has called for the Severn Bridges to be nationalised. Poetry. Sadly he missed the Roy Hughes Memorial debate because he was abroad. Parliament looks forward to his return to hear more of his battle cry demanding building socialism in our time.

Newport is overflowing with talent.

The one-man drama by Daniel Llewellyn-Williams left me reeling.

It’s a tour de force of writing and acting. The stars are Daniel, Newport and the extraordinary unique drama of the city’s tide.

The continuous thread running through the performance is the threat and thrill of the mighty Newport Usk Tide.

All Newportonians, worthy of the name, will take pride in this slice of our vivid history presented by talented writer/actor who is product of our fine schools.

Congratulations too to Beth Reeks named by Time Magazine as one of the 16 most influential teenagers in the world.

This places her alongside luminaries such as Justin Bieber and Malala Yousafzai. Beth is in enviable position of having a science vocation in physics.

This weekend Newport relished a feast of music in the Regional Festival for Music. The skills of youngsters are of the highest order – comparable to best in the UK. Righty we are proud of them and the schools that nurtured their talents.

Have Marks and Spencer got it in for Newport?

They wouldn’t budge on our pleas to stay in Newport city centre. They are deaf to the calls that they re-consider the contract that will rob Newport’s Avana of 650 jobs.

This will be a dreadful blow to the families involved. There is no gratitude for the years of service given to these ingrates by local people. The battle to save the jobs is not lost yet. But the prospects are not good.

Loathe the idea of Newport and Cardiff merging. What will it be called? Newdiff or Carport? In Welsh it’s worse Caer-newydd or Cas-dydd. That means nasty day. Be warned.