A WOMAN who stabbed her husband of ten years three times after a vodka-fuelled argument, has been given a two-year suspended sentence.

Jennifer Solway, 46, of Princess Street in Abertillery, pleaded guilty to wounding with intent at a hearing on February 14 and appeared before Newport Crown court for sentencing yesterday.

The court heard how on October 26 of last year, Solway’s husband, Jason had returned home after working away. The pair went on to consume a large amount of alcohol – approximately a litre of vodka each – before arguing.

After a physical altercation on the stairway, Mr Solway went to sit at the kitchen table to have a cigarette. It was then, the prosecution said, his wife approached him from behind with a small knife taken from the kitchen’s knife block and stabbed him three times in the arm.

Police attended the property at 11.24pm and found the defendant at the foot of the stairs, her face covered in blood and additional pools of blood, claimed to be hers, in the kitchen.

The court heard how Solway had told police there had been an argument and her husband had punched her in the face, and she stabbed him.

She had said she aimed for the fleshy part as she wanted to hurt him, not kill him and let him know the relationship was over.

Solway, who has no previous convictions, was arrested the following day. The relationship between the pair has since ended.

Prosecutor Jason Howells said Mr Solway had not co-operated with the police or the prosecution’s case and refused to let them access his medical records.

Sentencing, Judge Thomas Crowther said: “He was aggressive and physically intimidated you, but what happened next was unjustifiable. You took a knife and took revenge. It’s simply good fortune that nothing tragic happened on that night.”

Solway was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment, suspended for two years. Her early guilty plea was given full credit.

She was ordered to pay £150 in costs.