THE FORMER Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams speaks for many when he describes the sadness he felt in the wake of the destruction of Newport's Chartist Mural.

We of course saw it played out in all its anger at first hand all those months ago when we were inundated with complaints from people across the city.

The destruction and the resulting controversy are well-documented.

So Dr Williams is absolutely right to now focus on what is happening to replace the mural and on making sure any new memorial is lasting and world-class.

The former Bishop of Monmouth, who spent almost 11 years living in the city and who obviously still holds it in a great deal of affection, does not point the finger of blame or make criticism of the way the whole issue was handled.

Rather his approach is to look forward to a new memorial.

Dr Williams is one of the three-strong Commission,set up to decide how Newport can celebrate this part of its history.

He makes it clear that he and the other members, Dame Rosemary Butler and Chartist anniversary committee’s Pat Drewett, do not want to impose their ideas but do want to see what chimes with the people of Newport.

And it is fitting that he talks of not wanting to rush it.

Dr Williams' involvement fills us with confidence and he sets out the commission's role and its limitations with a welcome clarity and calmness.