IF ANYONE out there is looking for inspiration to reach a goal, then look no further than our page three story today.

Abertillery mother Hayley Edwards is literally half the woman she was less than three years ago and that is no mean feat.

It is also proof that with dedication and determination, as well as support, such significant weight loss can be achieved.

The mother admits that she allowed her weight gain to go unchecked for years.

But when she reached 23 stones and found herself facing a number of embarrassing situations, she decided to do something about it.

And what a difference.

The nursing assistant is hardly recognisable today after losing an incredible 11 stones in weight and is now only a few pounds off her target weight after two and a half years.

That is a relatively short space of time but we guess there must have been times when it was really tough to keep going.

But keep going she did and through sheer determination she has almost achieved her goal.

She is an inspiration in more ways than one.

Her health has improved, her fitness certainly has - she has already taken part in a 5k run , will tackle a 10k run in September - and she is a great example to her family.

Mrs Edwards says she now feels she could accomplish anything, and we for one wouldn't doubt it.