In space, no one can hear you scream.

As Channel 4 proved last Sunday, however, they can hear the host of The X Factor asking what the view is like from the International Space Station.

Every other minute. For two-and-a-half hours.

Yes, when John F Kennedy famously committed America in 1961 to “landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to earth” by the end of the decade, he probably hadn’t bargained on the logical pinnacle of mankind’s exploration to the final frontier 53 years later.

Dermot O’Leary hosting a live TV link-up with astronauts on the ISS, Live From Space: Lap of the Planet.

Commander Koichi Wakata and his crew may have been flying at 17,500mph 250 miles above the Earth, but not even a voyage through a wormhole at warp factor nine could have outrun O’Leary’s questions, which he fired on a loop from Mission Control in Houston.

“Koichi, do you have any favourite sights?”

“Rick, what’s your all-time favourite view?”

“Koichi, do you have a favourite view?”

(Yes, Dermot. The same as last time you asked.)

“Koichi, what can you see right now for us?”

“Rick, what can you see for us right now?”

“Koichi, what can you see?”

“Rick, what can you see?”

(“Yes, Dermot,” Rick Mastracchio replied, “you caught me in the loo right now.”)

And: “The views must be astounding up there. How do you get any work done?”

Well, Dermot, usually they’re not interrupted for an entire orbit and can crack on with vital zero-G scientific experiments that could save the human race from deadly, drug-resistant superbugs.

But don’t you worry about that. Not when there are more pressing matters on your mind, like: “I read that you had mouse sperm up there. Is that right?”

“The big question we obviously need answering is how do you recycle your own urine?”

“I’ve seen a lot of footage of you guys eating tortillas. It’s like currency up there. What have you had for dinner tonight?” (Lasagne, if you’re interested.)

Where’s Dara O’Briain when you really need him?

Yet never did this verge on becoming the grand TV cock-up it seemed destined to be.

Because while I counted 10 counts of O’Leary describing the view as “beautiful”, six “stunning” and seven “wow” (technically 10 wows, but there was one: “Wow, Wow, Wow!”), he was in the safe hands of brilliant studio expert and veteran astronaut Mike Massimino, who “knows his onions from his asteroids”.

A man I’d love to see more of on television.

Likewise, the ISS crew were warm, engaging, accommodating, always cheerful and, at heart, just big kids who, like the host and many of us watching at home, remain awestruck by space and will never tire of the beautiful, stunning views of the planet. So not once did they tell him: “Dermot, for crying out loud, we’re trying to get some work done up here.”

In fact all it needed at the end of 155 minutes was for O’Leary not to sign off with some lame pun.

“Thank you for joining us tonight. It’s been out of this world.”

Dermot, we have a problem.

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