AN ELDERLY gentleman has been left in “limbo” after being told he is to move from his flat for the second time in two years.

Two years ago, Brian Lane was moved out of his 1-bedroom flat of 13 years in Woodside in Duffryn, as it was to be converted into a 2-bedroom flat with the adjoining bedsit.

The 78-year-old, who lives alone, was moved to another 2-bedroom flat in Woodside. But now, he has been told he is to move again as the converted flat he is currently needs maintenance work.

Newport City Homes (NCH) said the work on the eight flats in the Woodside sheltered housing Scheme is “preventative maintenance”.

A spokeswoman said: “Results of resident satisfaction surveys at the scheme made us aware of minor cracking to walls in residents’ homes. This led to inspections and advice being sought.”

Mr Lane said: “When they converted them in 2-beds, they didn’t put any steel girders in them.”

The housing association have said it would be too disruptive for residents to remain in their flats while the work is carried out.

Mr Lane has been told he will be given three weeks notice of when he is to leave. He is dreading moving his belongings again.

He said: “The last move was the worst. It was terrible. I’m just in limbo now.”

NCH said: “We appreciate Mr Lane’s frustration, but the opportunity to decant was proposed to minimise any disruption.

“A NCH Resident Liaison Officer has been helping residents and advising them of the support they can expect from us during this process such as the removal and storage of personal items, TV licence and phone connectivity.”

The spokeswoman added: “We have given our assurance to Mr Lane, that the works being done are preventative in nature .”