The Now and Then picture is of the Handpost, Newport.

When my children were young I used to walk from Rhiwderin to do my shopping there as it was such a lovely shopping area.

There used to be a greengrocer’s called Harpers, a bakery shop and an ironmongers. My daughter now owns the hairdresser’s called Inca which used to be the old post office. I used to leave her pram outside in complete safety whilst I bought my stamps.

Rosemary Emms, Rhiwderin

The Now and Then picture shows the junction by the Handpost pub. I have fond memories of my journeys into Newport on the bus with my mother. The area looks a lot different now.

Mr Hurle, Newbridge

The Now and Then picture is of Stow Hill which has St Woolos Cathedral nearby. The area still has a few shops and years ago the Pavilion cinema used to be there and a garage. St Woolos hospital is just along that road, years ago it was called Woolaston House. It was also the location of the workhouse.

Mrs M Reardon, Newport

The Now and Then picture gave me a tranquil memory of my teenage years. The picture shows a horse trough in the middle of the road and a nostalgic memory of a horse in the shafts of a bread van drinking whilst, no doubt, the salesman was enjoying a glass of ale in the local inn nearby came to my mind.

Bill Mitchell, Newport

The photo is the Hand Post at the top of Stow Hill, Newport

Laurie Oliver, Usk

The photo is taken looking down from The Handpost pub in Newport. In fact it has not changed that much with the exception of the addition of the crossings, traffic lights etc . The actual types of shops have altered over the years but many of them still have the awnings which come out to shade the windows . The old style lamp has gone but in fact as I pass through this area almost every day it has changed very little.

Carol Hibberd, Newport

The pics show the Handpost shops. Here again this area has changed a lot over the years, but the buildings and layout are pretty much the same. So many memories for me! Used to be a lovely cake shop and cafe there and now the library on the end has been closed and under occupation by Alan Roderick and the residents. Quite a few changes in shop uses, including the loss of the post office the chip shop and the popular butchers.

Jim Dyer, Stockton Rd Newport