THE teaching of computer skills in schools needs to be updated, a report commissioned by the Welsh Government has found.

Now the minister for education and skills, Huw Lewis, has published his interim response to the report of the ICT Steering Group established in January 2013 to look at the future of computer science and ICT in Wales.

Mr Lewis said on Wednesday (26) he would consider the recommendations during the next stage of the Welsh Government’s curriculum and assessment review.

In the report the group said ICT in schools should be rebranded and made more relevant. Simply understanding how to use a computer should not be the end goal, with learners taught to “create as well as to consume.”

Computer science should be introduced at primary school and developed over the course of the curriculum so that learners can eventually begin a career in the sector, it said, with skills such as creative problem-solving included in the curriculum.

The group also considered how to revise qualifications.

Huw Lewis said: “I place great emphasis on the importance of computer science and ICT in schools. I am grateful to the ICT Steering Group for its report and recommendations which will be considered closely during the next stage of work in our review of curriculum and assessment arrangements in Wales.

“I have appointed Professor Graham Donaldson to take forward this important work as chair of a wide-reaching and independent review. I am sure that the group’s report will prove invaluable to his work as he draws together recommendations aimed at supporting the delivery of a Curriculum for Wales”.